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Choozr Dashboard View

For made-to-measure

Choozr Star

Over 25 measurements instantly

Choozr Star

Easy-to-use Dashboard

Choozr Star

Get actual measurement pictures

Choozr Star

14-day unlimited free trial


How easy it is to measure with Dashboard


How you can re-adjust the measurements later


How to take new measurements from the picture with Ruler


Leave your markings on the photo with Marker


How you can download the measurements if needed


Under 5 mins of measuring with an app - over 25 measurements


See a video how the Dashboard works with your customers


  • Measurements taken in less than five minutes

  • Two pictures - over 25 measurements

  • Top privacy - only the tailor can access the pictures

  • Measurements can be taken anywhere, any time

Tailor__2x .png

Join leading manufacturers, designers, and retailers +100 more members like these

Choozr customer logo - ImageWear Finland
Choozr customer logo - Anna Ruohonen
Choozr customer logo - Neems Jeans


Neems Jeans CEO Dani Rodriguez telling about Choozr

"The Choozr app has been an absolute game-changer for Neems. The measurements are extremely accurate just from the very first time the customer scans. No alterations are required, which is huge for the customer and an amazing experience for them, but also great for us, and very cost-effective!

The app is extremely easy to use. It is very user friendly, the customers send in their measurements all within three minutes time."

October 2023

Dani Rodríguez 

Co-Founder & CEO Neems Jeans

Neems Jeans logo

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