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Choozr x Neems Jeans

Transforming the Online Retail Experience: Choozr Delivers Perfect Fit Every Time

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Empowering Shoppers, Empowering Retailers

Neems Jeans' success story is just one example of how Choozr is transforming the online shopping landscape. By providing accurate size recommendations, we are not only enhancing the consumer experience but also helping retailers reduce return rates and build customer loyalty.

Join Neems Jeans and countless others in experiencing the difference with Choozr.

Reshaping Online Shopping

Navigating the world of online shopping often involves the challenge of making sense of intricate sizing charts, dealing with broad-size surveys, or trying to measure oneself without a tailor's expertise. This process frequently turns into a game of chance, sometimes resulting in fortunate finds but more often leading to widespread dissatisfaction.

Neems Jeans Team

The consequences of inaccurate sizing extend beyond the initial frustration for consumers

The ripple continues on the retailers’ side:

High Return Rates

Guessing sizes results in a high rate of returns as customers receive items that don't fit as expected. This not only impacts the customer's satisfaction but also puts a strain on the retailer's return management processes, as well as a sizable revenue loss.

Reverse Logistics Challenges

Dealing with returns involves a complex web of logistics, incurring additional costs and efforts for retailers. Reverse logistics, the process of moving goods from the customer back to the seller becomes a significant operational challenge.

Sustainable picture
Sustainability Impact

Increased return rates and reverse logistics contribute negatively to environmental impact, as more transportation and packaging are involved.

At Choozr, we understand these challenges, which is why we work hard to change the landscape for retailers and consumers

Customer Spotlight: Neems Jeans - a Seamless Shopping Experience

Neems Jeans, a custom denim brand that produces fully tailored jeans for their clientele, have been in the market looking for a mobile-body-scanning solution that would accurately and easily obtain their customers’ measurements. Frustrated with the lack of precise body-scanning solutions and with their strong commitment to continually improve their customer experience, Neems Jeans decided to give our solution a try.

Neems Jeans models / Choozr
Neems Jeans & Choozr

Discovering Choozr: A Game-Changer

Enter Choozr, an AI-based solution designed to accurately measure the customers’ sizes based on two images. The Neems Jeans team was intrigued by the possibility of a change to a seamless and stress-free shopping experience.

After a quick and easy setup process, Neems Jeans integrated our Choozr widget on their website and gained access to our Choozr Dashboard. 

In under 2 minutes, now customers effortlessly share their body measurements, which are seamlessly stored on the Dashboard. There, the tailors at Neems Jeans can view them, take notes, create marks, and customize further dimensions. This enables them to prioritize delivering top-notch quality tailored to each individual.

Results: A Happy Shopper and Fewer Returns

The impact was immediate. Not only did the wrong-size returns diminish drastically, but the amount of post-production alterations Neems Jeans’ tailors had to take care of was not required for customers that used Choozr.

Key Benefits:


Tailor-accurate size measurements

Time-Saving, Money Saving

Tailor-accurate size measurements

Increased Sales Conversion

Tailor-accurate size measurements


With less returns, less strain of CO2 on the atmosphere


The app guides the customers from start to finish, and available in multiple languages


Customers are empowered to shop online with confidence

The Testimonial

Neems Jeans CEO Dani Rodriguez telling about Choozr

"The Choozr app has been an absolute game-changer for Neems. The measurements are extremely accurate just from the very first time the customer scans. No alterations are required, which is huge for the customer and an amazing experience for them, but also great for us, and very cost-effective!

The app is extremely easy to use. It is very user friendly, the customers send in their measurements all within three minutes time."

October 2023

Dani Rodríguez 

Co-Founder & CEO NeemsJeans

Neems Jeans logo

Image credits : Sarah Menasce Hyperblack Studios. Neems Jeans

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