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Neems Jeans & Choozr

Case-story - Neems Jeans

Explore how a custom denim company discovered Choozr and took a step to level up its business.

Case-story - Anna Ruohonen

Learn how a fashion designer can expand and grow their made-to-measure business internationally. 

App Reviews

Life saver

This app is crazy good and quite accurate. I have my brothers wedding in a month back home in Ireland and this has helped the suit tailor make my suit


Daryl Symington 

What an useful app!

Rly cool app and useful to keep my measurements with me! Measured data correlates with real one 🫶🏻 




Really great app for measuring my body I love it ❤️❤️

Justus Kalama

Excellent this app


Miss Powell

Super easy

This is an excellent app. It has provided me with accurate information. The features are good and they easy to manipulate. I find this app very interesting and super easy. Great.


Sueann Jones

Helps a lot

I’m slightly overweight and I get a little anxious when shopping online because 9 times out of 10 I have to send the clothes back as they are too small. This app has helped me tremendously and online shopping is no longer something I need to worry about


Gets the job done

Gets the job done unlike most other "tool" apps

Lil Fam

Always perfectly tailored

I just love I can send the images to my tailor. Always perfectly tailored.

Burton Pell

Makes it too easy

Incredible this application, it makes it too easy to buy my clothes online because I have bought enough according to my measure and in the end you always have to make arrangements, it is very useful for me and even the family.


Mɗ Yʋŋʋs Moɭɭʌ (ίήήόςεήτ βόγ)

Amazing app

Amazing app. It was unbelieveably accurate for me. It's easy to use and user friendly


Tanvee Vashist

Effortless experience

Using the app was quick and easy and I love the fit of the shirts made using the measurements


Jones Ridley

Quick, simple and effective

It's so simple to use, and the whole process is quick. Just two steps and the app calculates everything. It's a must download if you want to find out your measurements the traditional way!




Love the app easy and very simple to use



No tape measure

It works very well. Very good if you don't have a tape measure.


Romulo Alvarado

Creative & modern

Great app! I found it very creative and modern, I recommend downloading it 👏


Laura Madureira

Easy to use

Very good and easy to use :). Love the concept of adjusting the measurement key points


Crosby Morelli

Very accurate & saves a lot of time

Very accurate and saves a lot of time. Makes things a lot easier and gives great results.

Fulton Huling

Amazing app

One of a kind app

Ayman Hamzeh

Great app

It really is a great app. I have never used this type of application before and this works perfectly.

Noel Abdur

Very accurate to my size

Very accurate to my size. I usually keep my own measurements taken from a tape measure. I'm impressed to say the least


Whitney Salud

This is amazing!

It is an amazing app, it helped me with my body measurement.

Beth Charlotte

Saved my Halloween!

I was trying to buy a Halloween costume, but I was concerned that I was getting myself the wrong sizes. What I'm trying to say is, this app saved my Halloween costume ♡


Pretty good results

I'm a sewist, and I've been trying to find an app that can help me get my measurements that are hard to reach. This app makes pretty good results (I know a lot of my own measurements to check it against).

Benedicte Adair

Really helpful

Really helpful to have your body measured. Thank you!

Meyers Luongo

Suprisingly accurate

This app really helped me since I couldn't measure myself at this moment and it was surprisingly accurate.



Neems Jeans CEO Dani Rodriguez telling about Choozr

"The Choozr app has been an absolute game-changer for Neems. The measurements are extremely accurate just from the very first time the customer scans. No alterations are required, which is huge for the customer and an amazing experience for them, but also great for us, and very cost-effective!

The app is extremely easy to use. It is very user friendly, the customers send in their measurements all within three minutes time."

October 2023

Dani Rodríguez 

Co-Founder & CEO Neems Jeans

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