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Choozr x Anna Ruohonen

Made-to-Measure Clothing Ordered from Home:
Choozr Helps with Perfect Fit

Anna's customer measuring with Choozr


In the ever changing world of tailor-made fashion, time is of the essence. Tailors face a unique set of challenges when it comes to crafting garments that not only embody their artistic vision but also align with the busy schedules of their international clientele. The traditional method of manually taking measurements can be a time-consuming process, requiring clients to book appointments for every adjustment, thereby disrupting both the tailor's workflow and the client's convenience.

The Consequences of Inaccurate Sizing in Made-to-Measure Shopping

The endless loop of:

Tailor's tools
Inaccurate Measurements

Measuring is a skill. For the perfect with tailors need to be sure, that the measurements are taken the same way every time. It is hard to teach customers virtually to take precise measurements. order because of it.

Tailoring Image by Salvador Godoy

If the ordered made-to-measure clothing doesn't fit due to inaccurate measuring, alteration work is needed, if it is even possible. Hours of work can be wasted if the measurements aren't precise from the start.

Choozr measured clothing coming through mail
Package Going Back and Forth

Sending measurement tools and instructions to customers, getting them back, sending the clothing, sending it back to alterations, and back again when done. There can be a huge amount of sending packages in one order. 

At Choozr, we understand these challenges and it is why we work hard to change the landscape for both tailors and consumers

Using Choozr ordering clothing
The app__2x.png

Customer Spotlight: Anna Ruohonen - Garment-Making from Local to International


Meet Anna Ruohonen. In the realm of fashion straddling Paris and Helsinki, Anna is a distinguished Finnish designer and founder of Anna Ruohonen Paris. Born in Helsinki, Anna's artistic journey, influenced by Nordic design and seasoned by studies across Europe, culminated in her establishment of a clothing label in 1999. With a rich background that includes work for renowned names like Martin Margiela and creative endeavors spanning jewelry, textiles, and costumes, Anna's creations marry affordable luxury with timeless elegance.

Anna's bustling atelier, shops, and showrooms in Helsinki and Paris reflect her commitment to sustainability and affordable luxury. Constantly traversing between these two cities, Anna draws inspiration from their diverse cultures, shaping her mission to infuse beauty into everyday life through her fashion. This seamless interplay between two worlds not only defines Anna's design ethos but also underscores her ability to bridge the gap between tradition and modernity, making her a trailblazer in the global fashion landscape.

Choozr Joins the Picture


The textile industry faces a critical challenge as overproduction significantly outpaces actual demand, resulting in an alarming amount of waste. Production doubles that which people have time to wear due to the , and trucks full of textile waste ending up in landfills every second, the equation becomes untenable and environmentally unsustainable. This disconnect between production and demand not only contributes to environmental degradation but also leaves customers without the products they desire, emphasizing the urgent need for a more sustainable and efficient approach in the textile industry. Anna's commitment to sustainability sets her apart in the industry, as she adheres to the philosophy of buying only what is truly needed. 

Striving to offer a personalized, made-to-order experience for her clients, Anna faced the challenge of managing her time efficiently, especially as she frequently shuttles between her studios in Finland and France. It was during her quest for a solution that Anna discovered the Choozr Dashboard online – a service that promised to revolutionize the way measurements were taken in the world of bespoke fashion.

In under 2 minutes, customers effortlessly share their body measurements, which are seamlessly stored on the Dashboard. There, Anna can view them, take notes, create marks, and customize further dimensions. This enables her to prioritize delivering top-notch quality tailored to each individual, together with the selection of clothes they are shipped to choose from.

Tailor using Choozr Dashboard
Choozr dashboard - calf measurement

The Results: 
Sustainable Fashion Worldwide

With our innovative Choozr Dashboard solution, Anna has transformed the way she operates her business.

No longer confined by the limitations of manual measurements, she can seamlessly continue her work in both Finland and France, catering to her international clientele without compromise.

The efficiency and accuracy of our technology have alleviated the burdens associated with scheduling appointments for measurements, enabling Anna to focus more on growing her business by serving new international customers

Key Benefits:


Tailor-accurate size measurements

International Growth

Ability to serve a whole new group of customers, who want to buy without visiting the physical store


The app guides the customers from start to finish, and available in multiple languages.


Our solution continues to pursue Anna’s sustainable policy, producing exactly what the customer needs.

The Testimonial

Anna Ruohonen photo

“The scaling of our made-to-measure concept has faced challenges due to limitations posed by physical measuring.

With the Choozr application we can now accurately measure our clients worldwide. Choozr serves us as an essential tool for our international growth.

Together with Choozr we have launched our digital journey towards a greener and more sustainable future. 

January 2024

Anna Ruohonen

Anna Ruohonen logo

Image credits : Jouni Harala Studio Valo. Anna Ruohonen Paris


Closing Thoughts: Revolutionizing Tailoring, Empowering Designers


Anna Ruohonen's narrative serves as a testament to the transformative impact of our innovative sizing technology. By seamlessly managing measurements for this globetrotting tailor and fashion designer, we've not only streamlined her operational efficiency but also empowered her to cater to an international clientele effortlessly. Anna's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our mission, ensuring that each garment is not only a work of art but also a step towards a more responsible fashion industry.

Are you ready to redefine the way made-to-measure fashion operates?

Join Anna Ruohonen and a multitude of other creatives in embracing the revolutionary change brought by our cutting-edge Choozr Dashboard solution

Happy customer with Choozr

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