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Size Recommendation

You can reduce uncertainty in online shopping making the shopping experience more reliable with Choozr.
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Choozr Size Recommendation View

How it Works

Step one with Choozr - press the Choozr Link

1. Click the Choozr link on the page and scan QR

The intuitive flow starts automatically

Step two with Choozr - take your measurements

2. Take two photos for accurate body measurements

An easy-to-use and guided process

Step three with Choozr - your measurements are compared to the size chart

3. Comparing measurements to size chart

Choozr compares individual measurements against your brand’s size charts

Size Recommendation

4. Receive precise size recommendations

Personalized and detailed information about the fit

Choozr App serves your clients globally and is freely available on iOS and Android smartphones

Enhance your user experience, boost conversions, and cut your returns by half with the help of Choozr.
Tailor working with Choozr
Tailor making a weddijng dress with Choozr
Tailoring tools

Test the demo store

Experience Choozr's precise size recommendation service by anonymously trying our demo store and seeing detailed information about the best fit.

The size chart used in the demo store is for demonstration purposes only. In production, we always use category or product-specific size charts provided by the brands.

Features and Benefits


What you get as a Retailer

A perfect solution to minimizing wrong-fit returns
Positive change in your business profitability
Highly accurate digital body measuring solution
Following the ISO-8559-1 standard
Guaranteed user privacy (100% EU GDPR)
Multiple languages (DE, EN, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, PT)
Go live within 24 hours - free setup
No fixed monthly fees

Features and Benefits


What you get as a Customer

Measurements in no time by taking two images
High privacy from the comfort of your home
Perfect with all body types and shapes
Intuitive and quick process to ensure correct fit
Without or with registration, it's up to you
Completely free
Business plan #1

Pay per Value only

Service fee only for successful Choozr orders

Measurement Fees with Choozr Size Recommendation


Single Item Order

/ cart

No Starting Fee

Unlimited User Cap

Free Implementation up to 5 Size Charts

QR Code Integration


Multiple Item Order

/ cart

No Starting Fee

Unlimited User Cap

Free Implementation up to 5 Size Charts

QR Code Integration

Know your invest & see the success 

Choozr business model #2
Suits well the companies, who needs to have their budget beforehand


Annual PDP Pageview Pricing

Your eCommerce PDP pageviews and pricing are checked annually

/ a month* per 100 000 views

No Starting Fee

Free Implementation up to 5 Size Charts

Unlimited Users Cap

QR Code Integration

* Annually paid. Higher volumes annually paid are available with a -20% discount.

Example Prices - Annually paid


*0 - 100k views
1 m views
2 m views

= $ 29
= $ 58
= $ 145 
= $ 290
= $ 580
= $ 1,450
= $ 2,950

Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions


You need to choose business plan #1 or plan #2 for the service.

Changes can be made to your business plan later on.


Business plans are only the price of using the service.

Integration can be done by the buyer, but we also offer turn-key solutions for enterprise-sized companies.

Guarantee & Notice

The service has 60 days "no questions asked" - guarantee.

After 60 day guarantee the notice perioid is 30 days for the service.


Guarantee is for the service only. In turn-key contracts, working hours and integration work aren't included in the guarantee.

Choozr Size Recommendation

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