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Real-life remote measuring

Dashboard - A digital body measurement solution designed for tailors and dressmakers to receive customers’ measurements quickly and in complete privacy - with 99% to 100% accuracy*
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Choozr Dashboard for tailors

Unique ways to benefit from the Choozr Dashboard

Happy Tailor Using Choozr

Customers can use the App wherever they are. In under two minutes, and with only two images, the measurements can be shared with the tailor seamlessly.

With the Dashboard, tailors can easily ensure precise quality: view, validate, and adjust the measurement key points on the original customer photos. 

Use a digital ruler to accurately measure any required straight line from the image - a handy tool to measure anything.

We help with keeping things organized. All your customer measurement data is stored in the highly secure Choozr Dashboard.

The Choozr Dashboard processes and stores your customer’s data safely, with 100% GDPR compliance

Receive access to photos and measurements sent by your customers. Easily view and adjust any key points (if needed) to support your work.

Let us process the measurements so you can focus on what you do best – creating stunning garments for your valued clients.
Choozr Dashboard Tailored Clothing
Choozr Dashboard Made-to-Measure
M2M clothing & Choozr
Choozr Size Recommandation App Screen
Choozr Body Measurements Screen
Choozr Dashboard View

Scan QR code and download Choozr App

Fully guided and super-easy measurement process

Pictures received in
the Dashboard

It's not a dream, it's true


Try Choozr Dashboard free for 14 days.
Start the free trial now

Choozr Dashboard includes:

View & fine-tune key points
Ruler for custom measurements
Support for multiple tailors
Marker tool
for pins

Choozr Custom Tailored

Dashboard Pricing

No monthly fees - pay per value only
Start free - try for 14-days
No credit card needed




$ 1.99 per measurement

Small boutiques and tailor-shops

10 measurements with pictures

Unlimited tailors

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14-day unlimited free trial


Medium pack


$ 1.60 per measurement

For bigger customer volumes

50 measurements with pictures

Unlimited tailors

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14-day unlimited free trial

100 PACK

Best value


$ 1.30 per measurement

Supercharge your business

100 measurements with pictures

Unlimited tailors

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14-day unlimited free trial

All packages are valid for 9 months from the payment. Any additional purchases extend the validity by 9 months at a time. Applicable tax is added to the package prices.


Neems Jeans CEO Dani Rodriguez telling about Choozr

"The Choozr app has been an absolute game-changer for Neems. The measurements are extremely accurate just from the very first time the customer scans. No alterations are required, which is huge for the customer and an amazing experience for them, but also great for us, and very cost-effective!

The app is extremely easy to use. It is very user friendly, the customers send in their measurements all within three minutes time."

October 2023

Dani Rodríguez 

Co-Founder & CEO Neems Jeans

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* All accuracy claims depend on adjustments, device, clothing and environment conditions, and other factors; actual results will vary.

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