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Updates Feb 13, 2024

New updates were published recently. Read here what was changed.

Blocking Unwanted Users

You now have the option to either archive or block users. Archiving a user means that they will disappear from your list until they send new pictures, at which point they will reappear. On the other hand, blocking a user will completely remove them from your list, even if they continue to send new pictures.

QR Code Integration Example

The Store Profile page has been updated with a new feature that provides a full tailored example for your convenience. You can easily copy and paste this example into the template of your online store or website and get started with our integration without any hassle. Additionally, the list of allowed hostnames is now active, which serves as an extra layer of security and allows you to limit the URLs that can integrate with your store as the recipient.

Choozr Link With QR Code

We have launched a new feature on our platform for tailors. With this feature, you can now send a personalized link to your customers via email, instant messaging or any other means. This link will direct your customers to a page where they can upload their pictures. To access your custom URL, please visit the Store Profile page. Please note that this link will only work if you have set up at least one tailor account with a public name and encryption key.


We've dialed up the security to 11 and for customers using the API functionality, the authentication key used to connect to the API is only visible during the initial setup and when generating a new key.


Your selected language is now persistent in your account.

User Interface Improvements

In addition, several usability improvements have been implemented in the dashboard. These include adjustments to the responsiveness, button alignment, dropdown menus, login view, and navigation elements.


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